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Small Steps, Big Results

A strong customer culture is the backbone of any business. 

On today’s episode of The Small Business Show, we’re joined by Bestselling Author, Entrepreneur, TEDx Speaker, and Global Keynote Speaker Steven Van Belleghem. His latest book, “A Diamond in the Rough: Over 100 Specific Tips to Build a Strong Customer Culture,” gives readers insights into how to build a customer-oriented culture.

Key Takeaways

1. Belleghem emphasizes that a strong customer culture is essential for any business. This involves prioritizing customer experience and ensuring satisfaction as a means of differentiation.

2. While technological advancements can impact customer expectations, Belleghem highlights that technology alone isn’t a shortcut to customer happiness. Instead, he advocates for a customer-centric mindset and culture within organizations.

3. Belleghem advises businesses to focus on small, incremental improvements rather than grand strategies. Significant overall improvements can be achieved by identifying and addressing numerous small friction points in customer experience.

4. In his book, Belleghem provides practical tips for enhancing customer culture. He encourages readers to implement one or two ideas from each chapter regularly. This approach emphasizes actionable steps for tangible results.

5. Belleghem stresses the importance of positivity in business interactions, advising against dwelling on challenges and negativity. Instead, he suggests infusing communications with gratitude and positivity to enhance customer relationships.


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    Adair Chamber